Thursday, July 23, 2009

Prague in less than 24 hours

As I promised, I am going to fill in the last couple of days here in Europe. For starters, the U2 concert was a 'brilliant' performance by Bono, The Edge, and the other members of the band. They played many of their most well known songs and rocked the house for over two hours. My feet were so tired from the last two days of walking, making it difficult for me to stand the whole time, but I did my best.

We ended up camping in a small, but popular camp site just outside of town called Gasper Camping. It was great to get some sleep after a long night, but difficult to concentrate with all the hashish smoke eminating from all around. We spent the rest of the next day on our drive to Prague in order to catch up on our schedule. Some of the highlights were the beautiful German countryside, the McDonald's New York Classic burger for lunch (not available in the states, mind you) and then the arrival in Prague after 9 hours in the car. Prague is such a beautiful city, full of old buildings and interesting people.

The first thing we did upon arrival was jump on the internet to check messages. After following up with a few, we decided to grab some Mexican food at a local restaurant called The Cantina. It was nice eating some tacos, I hate saying it, but it reminded me of home. From there we decided to take a walk through the streets of Prague. We wandered into a park district surrounded by large buildings including Prague castle. After a tiring hike and my first hedgehog holding experience, we arrived at Prague Castle and perhaps the most amazing cathedral that I have ever had chance to visit. It was amazing seeing it lit up at night against the skyline and the many spires, statues, and gargoyles attached to the facade. We spent a good amount of time in wandering around the cobblestones surrounding the edifice and then decided to go back the vehicles and set off for our hotel. We soon realized that the two star hotel that we had booked was likely a one or even one-half star hotel in all reality. The place looked like a dump and smelled like one from the get go. The exterior was a worn green color and the interior smelled terrible. We made the best of it and I was pleasantly surprised to see clean sheets and towels in the greasy room. The nights' rest was amazing and we were glad to be back on the road the next day on our way to Bratislava, Vienna, and eventually Budapest.

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  1. We also spent a very short time in prague. I posted some pictures of the places your talking about in my blog if you (or anyone else) want to take a peak. Cheers!