Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hungary or bust...

I am amazed about how many things I have seen in the last few days and how fast it has happened. The last number of days I have been in Bratislava, Prague, Vienna, and Budapest, all of which are among the oldest cities in Eastern Europe and the World. The streets are paved with cobblestones and are warped from the wheel of time. History has a funny way of telling you what you are doing right and wrong with your own life. I have been contemplating where to head when I get back from this adventure as I will have completed both my school career and a large goal of travelling around the world in less than a month. What I have decided is that I need to work harder and apply the things that I have already learned in order to reach that next tier of success that I desire within my life.
I am actually sitting in a McDonald’s and it feels more like a Starbuck’s as they have wireless internet and there are a ton of locals sharing stories over their cafĂ©. It has become the place to hang out here in Europe apparently. The Hungarians all speak English very well, but you will never catch them speaking out of their native tongue unless you address them directly. It is amazing how fast the cultures change here as well; the distance between nations is often smaller than the travel between states in the US.

We were in Vienna long enough to see some of the amazing buildings, including the amazing cathedrals in the center of town. We decided to continue along the road, however, in order to make sure we will have plenty of time to get through the Siberian part of Russia and Mongolia’s western border. We were able to see a local dance crew ‘serve’ us with a few moves, do some shopping around town, and then see the majority of the older, more significant sites during the drive out of town. I will definitely have to get back to Vienna in the near future as there is plenty more to see.

I am now in Budapest waiting to go to our appointed treat of the day, a Hungarian bath to sooth our sore bodies. Travel is difficult when you are packing in 7000 miles in three weeks!

I will post again as soon as I am able, until then, Cheers from Eastern Europe!

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